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Winter Storm 2021  There are a couple of ways to request assistance based on the type of assistance needed.  * If a person received damage last week and they need assistance with cleanup, they should call the Crisis Cleanup number 844-965-1386.  (Non-profit groups will be able to see who needs help and may be able to assist with cleanup operations.  All the cleanup provided through non-profits using the Crisis Cleanup portal are at no charge.) * If a person received damage last week and need assistance with repairing their home they should apply for assistance on the following link (for those who do not have insurance or in cases where the insurance will not cover the total repair cost) Texas Severe Winter Storms (DR-4586-TX) | If you would like to learn more about Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness (no charge program for congregations and local disaster recovery agencies/organizations): * Visit our website * Follow us on Facebook Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness | Facebook * Register to attend one of our weekly presentations (no charge) Register for an overview presentation Call or email:
Sonya Meyers 
Director of Development 
Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness